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Paving Brick Machine

This paving brick machine is designed to produce color paving brick, and the brick can be used for the parking area, sidewalk, square and garden.
Item No.:QFT12-15
Lead Time:60DAYS
Product Orgin:CHINA
Shipping Port:XIAMEN
Price Range:70000-600000$/SET



Paving Brick Category:

paving brick sample

Introduction of Paving Brick:

The paving brick raw material is cement, sand, flyash and etc. It is widely used in sidewalk, garden, parking area and square. The brick size can be small and big, it can be designed according to the customer’s project requirements.

Paving Brick Application:

paving brick application

If you want to produce these color paving bricks, you can choose the brick machine, with double hoppers (two mixers), the machine models as follows:

block machine model

Brick Machine Detailed Images
screw conveyor

Name: Screw Conveyer


Original: ITALY

Tubular housing in standardised flanged sections with one section made to measure,Helicoid screw flighting welded on centre pipe,End bearing assemblies complete with self-adjusting shaft seal,Splined shaft couplings,Lifting eyelets on each tube section,Standard flange-mounted electric motor,Compact design and overall dimensions
Quick installation due to universal inlet and outlet spouts,Maintenance free, durable use,Diameter D219

Name:Computer control system
Brand: Siemens
Original: Germany
Full range of Siemens sub-version of the inverter, relays, contactors, air switches, buttons, remote monitoring, diagnosis and troubleshooting. Has a strong anti-interference ability, compatibility and load capacity.
◆ Apply SIEMENS PLC and touch screen, system with an auto interlock function can avoid human error operation.
◆ Real-time service diagnostic platform
Have the function of remote monitoring, troubleshooting diagnose & elimination etc., eliminate the customer’s lost caused by the machines troubleshooting production stop.

Name: Vibration SYSTEM

Original: CHINA
◆ Adopts gear mechanical forced synchronization, overall guide pillar demoulding, to ensure stable up-down while demoulding and enhance the finished products quality.

Name: Material Cart 
Original: ITALY
◆ Material cart apply auto adjustable scraper board.
◆ Make sure the defective material on the mould surface can be cleaned fully while the material cart returned, so that it will not mix with the color face materials to make the surface of the paver with different colors.


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